Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Bunch Of Years Later

Starting this week, I'll be uploading my brand new comics.

Which, if you've only be following them since I created this blog should surprise you. But up to now, all the comics I've posted here were edited/remade versions of the same comics I posted on my regular blog or my deviantArt in the past.
(I took this occasion to make them vertically rather than horizontally, change some sentences, update the fonts, fix little errors, etc..)

For this occasion and shake things up a bit I will "skip some time" in-story. Which doesn't mean much for parodies, but will serve as excuse to have little changes here and there. They will be mostly visible in Archers!

This change of status quo isn't maybe much as far as parodies go. But it gives me an excuse to update costumes and whatnots!

Alright, that is all I had to say, hope to see you here this week for the start of Heroes! Season 2.

- Eyz

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  1. Alright then! We'll be looking forward to whatever you come up with :P