Thursday, May 5, 2011

BONUS FEATURES: GreatLakesHeroes! Character Sheets #1-2

Here's more concepts for another of my superhero parodies.
This time, we take a look at the characters that will be appearing in GreatLakesHeroes!

Here's the first batch of GLH characters!
Squirrel Girl is :heart:
And Flatman kicks Mister Fantastic's ass any day!!

Dinah Soar, Mr. Immortal's wife (and a parody of Black Canary to some extend)
Grasshopper, the red shirt of the team! (many Grasshoppers already gave their life for the team...)
Galactus who will be making an appearance in the next comic.
Monkey Joe, another of Squirrel Girl's squirrels. (currently dead in Marvel's continuity)
And Gravity. A member despite his choices,,, (poor guy...)


  1. I'm not sure why, but I think i like these character sheets more than I like the actual strips. That's not a knock against the strips -- they're great -- but I really like seeing so many character designs.

  2. Oh, I can understand that^^
    Making these character sheets is always fun. And it's one of those occasion I have to draw them from head to toe, unlike in the panels themselves, so yeah, it's quite different and unique compared to comic strips.

    That's the reason I decided to post those afterall!
    (don'nt miss Booster and the rest of the JLI in the previous ones, just follow the "BonusFeatures" label on the blog)