Wednesday, May 25, 2011

BONUS FEATURES: Mercs! Character Sheets #1-2 + Cover WIP

Are you still following this blog?
Still motivated for the upcoming new Heroes! comic strip and the new Mercs! parody?

Well, here's new character sheets and a quick behind-the-scenes look at the new Season 2 cover!
First, let's start with the cover.
Here's the original (digital) sketch behind the cover:

The finished drawing, textless for the occasion:

And now, here's the first part of the cast for my upcoming new Heroes!
Mercs! is going to be a Deadpool series, so here's some of the main expected players you'll see around.

 Wade, Bob, T-Ray... Wolverine's here mostly due to his cover appearance.

The supporting cast!
Weasel, Blind Al, Agent X...even some of my favorites, Domino and Tasky!