Saturday, May 14, 2011

BONUS FEATURES: Flashfacts! behind the scenes

Here's some little "behind the scenes" material for this series, just for fun.
I thought it might interest some of you guys :P
First of all, the logo.
Boy, did I went through lots of them before settling for the current one.

I wanted something close to the actual The Flash logo. So I played with lots of fonts, of all shapes and size. Even some actual Flash-fonts (or close to 'em visually anyway).

Though at first I wasn't sure about my final choice... I've actually grown quite fond of it.

And for a change, let's have a look at the various steps in making a comic strip!

I tend to write down every little idea I have, sometimes with little doodles around it if I have a specific pose/character/panel in mind.
Then I script it, usually on paper. Changing panels, dialogs, adding more bubbles and trying to set my characters in action. For Heroes! this often ends up being an actual penciled comic strip, with corrections and sketches around.
Then the comic is actually inked on photoshop, on my computer. I use a wacom tablet, which allows for more corrections, ctrl+z and edits than a classic ink-on-paper would. And since I'm not making a living out of these but only free comic parodies on the web, this allows to work fast (even if not as much on details).
The comic is colored on various separated layers, still on photoshop. I use color palettes for each character to help me keep the coloring consistent from comic-to-comic.
Then everything is brought together, a step in which I correct/change/edit details if need be.
Finally, the speech bubbles are completed. I play a tiny bit iwht fonts for onomatopeias, special text and voice tones, but usually everything's done with the same font.

And here's Flashfacts! #01 illustrating the whole process:


  1. really cool idea, mon!

  2. Impressive. I'll have to subscribe to, well, something.

  3. Whoa! If Batman says so, it must be true!
    I'm honored to have the caped crusader on this blog^^

  4. Fonts Names Please !!! Feast of Flesh and ...