Thursday, May 5, 2011

BONUS FEATURES: Lanterns! Characters centric posters

Today something very different.
A while ago, to promote Lanterns! on deviantArt, I made these characters centric posters to pass on the world about Heroes!

Here's all of them now, finally on the same post:

In brightest day

Here's the first one, Green Lantern Hal Jordan and classic villain Carol Ferris/Star Sapphire.

In blackest night

Man! Kyle's such a playaah! B-)
Here's the artist-Lantern surrounded by lovely ladies Soranik Natu and Jade.

No evil shall escape my sight

Guy and Ice! There's so cute together :)

Let Those Who Worship Evil's Might

The two most badass Green Lantern IMO. The "cerebral" Lanterns - unlike those previous impulsive ones above :P
John's the power. The strength and the rationality of the human GLs. Due to his military background and his architect status.
Alan's the soul. The original human GL, the magical one. He often serves as a mentor figure to all human GL!

Okay, this one's a bit funnier than the previous "couples".

What will the last pic be like? mmmh...

Beware My Power...

Enters Sinestro!

Beware his power, Sinestro's might!!
Now, what will be next? Mmmh..

Green Lantern's Light!!
And finally, some iconic Green Lantern Corps members!

And no, I didn't forget about Mogo. In fact, he's been in here since the beginning, can you find him?...

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