Friday, April 1, 2011


And here's a new series! This one won't require a cover like the others. Why?
I decided to make FlashFacts! as a filler, since some of you gals and guys watching this blog might already know the other comics I've been posting ("season 1"). And while waiting for the new original material to be posted, I'll be making these from now on.

FlashFacts! will be little scientific facts or laws done Silver Age-style.
I'll admit I was sort of inspired by those little FlashFacts! Bart Allen used to shout out while facing adversaries as Impulse in his solo series or as Kid Flash in the Wally West Flash series of the 90s.

Introducing the Fastest Man Alive!

FlashFacts! is a parody comic © Eyz.2011
Based on comic book charaters © DC Comics