Saturday, April 2, 2011

BONUS FEATURES: JLI Cover and bonus Arrow

Something a bit different this time.
Not the usual comic strips but some behind the scenes for a change!

So, for my little Superbuddies! comic strips, I really wanted to make a cover for it which would capture the good old classic Keith Giffen/J. M. DeMatteis/Kevin Maguire era.

Like I did with Archers! before, I had to do a cover for the Superbuddies!
I knew I had to pull-of that famous classic cover, the running joke that had been used in so many JLI-related comics.

Here's a look at some or the more famous ones, JLI-related mostly:

And finally, here's my take on it with my style:

A lot of time was spent (read: "lost") on finding Guy Gardner's speech bubble... Too much time to admit it to you guys and gals...
Anyway, if you wanna have fun reading some ideas that came to mind, check this out:

I had to find the perfect mix of "funny", "alright if you don't know the original" and "I don't need to know anything about DC Comics to get it"... Plus I'm not very funny on fridays :P

And that's it for t'day~
See ya soon for some more Super Heroic adventures, hope ya'll stay along for the ride!

Dedicated to the amazing comedic duo of Keith Giffen & J. M. DeMatteis. And the immensly talented Kevin Maguire too. 
(I know they're not "dead", I'm just saying I do this because I loved their work on this book, and still do) 
And here's a penciled Green Arrow to go~


  1. wow, that cover came out wickedly cool. Great job on this Eyz.
    I particularly liked Flash Facts, oh and of course Martian Manhunter and the oreos is instant classic :)

  2. awesome!

    I'm following you thorough ComicVine!:_P