Thursday, March 17, 2011

How are things gonna work here?

Hello guys and gals!
Is anybody already reading these pages here?

How exactly is this blog gonna work, since most of these comic strips have already been uploaded in my regular blog or deviantArt?
Well, I'm gonna be uploading here the newly reformatted vertical Heroes! comics.
Meaning, editing version, with new fonts, colors/details fixed, etc..

Also, before uploading brand new material, I intend on reposting all of the already done comics.

So for now, they'll be uploaded regulary.

1 comic each Monday/Wednesday/and Friday!

So stay around here ;)
Don't hesitate to comment & whatnot!
Have fun, I hope you like those and pass the word along~

(is anyone actually reading these words?!)

 In the meantime, you can check the older original version on G33K Life (or wait for them here)


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