Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Heroes Season 1 - introducing SUPERBUDDIES!

You need help? In search of real heroes?
Well search no more, cause the Super Buddies are here to help you with our real world's problems.

Join Booster Gold (the super janitor from the future), Blue Beetle (a genius crime fighter with cool Beetle-gadgets), Fire & Ice (the sexy duo), Guy Gardner (a Green Lantern on a quest for justice) and many more!

Art © Eyz
Characters © DC Comics


  1. XD parody of the superfriends.....

  2. More like parody of the Super Buddies
    which were a paordy of the superfriends!

    Double parody POWAAAH!!!

  3. XD WOO HOO,

    just awesome

  4. I know it makes a better joke, but I feel compelled to point out that Booster Gold wasn't a janitor, but a night watchman. (And his neck should be blue.) Ok. I feel better. Sorry. I just had to say that. It was a compulsion.

    Love the knife behind Max Lord's back, by the way. Hell, I love the whole thing. Awesomeness.

  5. For the costume part, error on my part when I made my "models". Though it's not like they're that 100% authentic anyway with my simplified look :P
    Could have been worse:

    For the janitor from the future-part, that's how his buddies treated him! XD