Saturday, June 11, 2011

BONUS FEATURES: Superbuddies! Character Sheets #4

Long time since I posted new content here!
Worry not, I haven't forgotten, but I just alternate between releasing new Heroes! and new parodies for CoolApe.

Here's some more character sheets for Superbuddies!

More characters for my new upcoming JLI comic strips!
Wondy, J'onn J'onzz (both human and martian forms), Ted unmasked, Booster's Season 2 redesign and Ambush Bug who might not actually appear in my comics but I wanted to Heroes!-ify him as well :P


  1. ambush bug! omg i love this guy!

  2. I want the collar back! (Will season 3 Booster be the DCnU version with all the flashy trim?)

  3. Haha.. You can expect me to NOT use those new redesigns :P

    They're just...blah...

  4. Oh, gosh, J'onn in his trenchcoat! <3

    Now is the little Martian smiley face you drew there--is that what J'onn looks like when he's ghosting?

  5. I'm not actually sure why I did that smiley..but I guess it wouldn't hurt to use this when I'll be making him invisible ;)